PROFILE OF H.E. Rev. Dr. A.K. Ocansey

Her Excellency Rev. Dr. A.K. Ocansey, author of Deadly Work or Decent Work?, says she feels: “a heavy burden”, as a servant of God, to caution African Leaders to ensure that “never again”, should African citizens be subjected to slave-like work conditions anywhere!

An Engineering Graduate of Rutgers University, NJ-USA and a renowned Migration Expert with over 30 years’ experience, she is a member of the African Union Labour Migration Advisory Committee – which advises African Governments, representing the Diaspora African Forum. She has held consulting positions with the Ghana Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare.

She is also a theologian, philanthropist and successful businesswoman – CEO of SOS Global Investments, with a multi-business portfolio. She co-founded the award winning NGO, Nekotech Center of Excellence.

She is a sought after keynote speaker for migration, youth and women’s empowerment forums.